Insect breeding allows the production of high-quality organic proteins and lipids.


ith what goal? To feed both animals and humans, while recycling organic matter from agriculture or food processing.

Two production containers have been set up at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech ULiège according to the food preferences of the targeted insects: a 40-foot recycled maritime container for dry co-products and another for wet co-products.   

Via a project subsidised by the Public Service of Wallonia (DGO6, 1610532, INSECT) in 2017, the focus has been on the production of black soldier fly maggots (Hermetia illucens (L. 1758)) from brewing co-products. One year, and a few in-depth studies into the biology of the insects, later, this container can already bioconvert a large amount of plant material. This means producing maggots for the fish or poultry industry while providing a usable residue in the form of a soil improver.

Some Figures 

3 doctoral theses in progress, 7 dissertations and/or internships

2.5 tons of recycled brewery co-products

200 kg of maggots produced for scientific fish nutrition trials 

500 kg of residue produced

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Ecological insect breeding

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